About ME

A little About Me!

Hi! My name is Saba Jawad and I am a Certified, Freelance Makeup Artist. I’m a devoted, busy mom of three wonderful boys. I also hold a biology degree from Georgia State University, as well as a Graduate Certification in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs from the University of Georgia.

I have been pursuing my long time passion for creating beauty since 2014. My numerous courses in Makeup Artistry and Hair Design, as well as my experience in makeup application help me provide a professional and customized experience for my clients. I aim to give my clients a boost of confidence and a positive attitude through beauty for their special occasions!

I love to pamper my brides on their special day by providing them with all the essentials and some extra goodies they will need throughout the day! I enjoy building a strong connection with my clients and am always patient, detail-oriented, and aim for perfection!

I would love working with all of you on your special events, so contact me today to book your free consultation!

Saba Jawad
Pro MUA & Hair Design